*** The Park is closed to ATV's the first weekend in May and October for the Spring and Fall Horse Trail Ride. ***



Office Hours
8:00am - 4:00pm

750 Sutton Memorial Dr
Leburn, KY 41831

Mine Made Park Driving Directions

Mine Made Park and Campground
50 Mine Made Ln
Elmrock, KY 41772

If you have trouble finding the Park, please call the office at 606-634-5012 between 8:00am and 4:00pm.

If you’re using GPS to get directions to the Park, make sure you choose the route that enters from Highway 80.

If you’re traveling through Jackson, KY on Highway 15 your GPS may try to route you onto Highway 1098 right after you pass through Jackson.  *** DO NOT TAKE THIS ROUTE ***  This road is extremely rough and you will not be able to make the turn into the Park when you get there.

Once you pass through Jackson, continue on Highway 15 until you reach the Highway 80 intersection in Hazard, KY.  Then take Highway 80 to the Park.

If you’re traveling from the Western part of Kentucky or Tennessee, you will already be on Highway 80.


If you’re traveling through Prestonsburg or Pikeville Highway 80 will likely be the suggested route you get from your GPS.

If you’re traveling from Virginia, North Carolina, or Eastern Tennessee you may have an option to take routes on Highway 160 or Highway 23 to connect to Highway 80.  Either of these routes will be fine.