*** The Park is closed to ATV's the first weekend in May and October for the Spring and Fall Horse Trail Ride. ***



Office Hours
8:00am - 4:00pm

750 Sutton Memorial Dr
Leburn, KY 41831

Reservation Complete

Thank you for your reservation!

We look forward to seeing you.

When you arrive be sure to stop by the office to check in.  If the office is closed, stop in first time it’s open afterward.

If  you are renting a cabin, be sure to bring your own lenins, towels, bedding, soaps, and cooking utensils as these not provided.

If you have more questions as to what you should bring, please contact us at the above numbers or the direct number, 606-785-5000

We recommend not taking Highway 1098 as many GPS devices direct.  The road is very windy.  Continue on Highway 15 to KY Highway 80.  Then east to Highway 1098.  Many GPS devices will adjust after passing the turn off.

See the FAQ for answers to more questions.